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  1. 'Narratives from the Private', a photography exhibition by 5 contemporary photographers from Turkey, was presented at Malmö Museum from March 26th until June 15th 2008. Selected by Geniş Açı Project Office, Istanbul ‘Narrative from the Private’ brings together the works of Silva Bingaz, Korhan Karaoysal, Özlem Şimşek, Ali Taptık and Serkan Taycan.

    Not depicting the life in Turkey but embracing some hints about it, the photographers in ‘Narratives from the Private’ mainly focus on themselves, their families, circle of friends, and the city and the time period they live in. But they all do this in a different manner. For example in his work titled 'Accident and Fate' Ali Taptık (b.1983, Istanbul) uses himself, his friends and his city as a reference point to create unusual universal icons that lead us to question our place in the here and now. Likewise Korhan Karaoysal (b.1981, Istanbul) is photographing his parents, circle of friends, objects in his house and everyday things in 'Deficient Insight' to better understand the emotional state he is in. As one of the youngest photographers in this exhibition, Özlem Şimşek (b.1982, Istanbul) under the title 'Take Care of Yourself!,' puts forward a contemporary example of the notion that what is personal can also be common to all people' by her bold black and white photographs. In 'Coast', Silva Bingaz (b.1967, Malatya) depicts a metaphorical coast between the heaviness and the lightness of existence by portraits of herself, her baby, her immediate family or totally strangers and lurid details from the environment. Last but not least, Serkan Taycan (b.1978, Gaziantep) narrates his young days in the final years of his final education in 'Young; Me' through the eyes on an insider, in a straightforward and simple manner. Taking their strength from diversities of intimate lives and exposure of personal experiences, these 5 works suggest an insight on a certain style becoming widespread in Turkish photography in the last few years.

    The projection was held as a part of the one-year project consisting of a series of public events in Istanbul, Diyarbakır and Malmö, organized by Citizens without Boundaries with the Turkish cultural organization Anadolu Kültür.